A big data analytics solution for the Board, CISOs and their teams.


Chief Security Officers don’t have the meaningful, timely, accurate insights they need to gain and prove strong control over business risk exposure and security priorities; the Panaseer Security Data Lake solves this.

The Panaseer Security Data Lake is a big data analytics software solution. It applies data analytics to telemetry from the operating environment to simplify and automate how security teams measure, identify, prioritize, communicate and mitigate risk. The platform can ingest any security relevant data at any speed and volume, enables any analysis technique to be used and is fully extensible to changes in clients needs, size, complexity and IT operating model. It provides data science modules that deliver value ‘out of the box’ as well as a data science interface that enables in-house analysts to get the insights they need to counter threats effectively.


Nik Whitfield is a computer scientist and security technology entrepreneur. He has enjoyed a career building advanced technologies for the banking sector  including algorithmic trading, pricing, operational risk management and most recently cyber security analytics platforms. In 2014 he founded Panaseer, a company which applies data science to cyber security in order to identify, measure and mitigate cyber.



MikeMacIntyre_Panaseer-008Mike has a career in industry combining data analytics for both financial fraud and cyber security, working in the main for the world¹s largest commercial organizations. As Chief Scientist at Panaseer, Mike is responsible for researching, experimenting and applying computational and analytical techniques to derive new insights in cyber security.  Mike holds a PhD and MSc in Astrophysics from the University of Sussex, as well as a BSc in Physics from the University of St. Andrews.


Charaka has spent the last 6 years engineering and building Hadoop-based security analytics applications to detect Cyber threats. He led a team on business development for the BAE Systems CyberReveal product to over 40 clients in Financial Services, Technology, Telecommunications, Energy, Pharmaceuticals and Foreign Government based across EMEA, North America and APAC. Charaka is the brains behind our big data technology. His team lead the way in generating innovative techniques for deriving new security insight for our customers.


Sophie is chief of co-ordination and organiser extraordinaire. She was responsible for market engagement in the CyberReveal product team at BAE Systems AI and now looks after a range of client and marketing activities for Panaseer. Sophie is in charge of projects, relationships and bringing order to the team.





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