Our venture platform encapsulates our strategy as a value add investor

Strategic Partners

We work with strategic partners with deep insight into B2B SaaS and super-relevance to the market and our portfolio, developing joint programmes to build mutual success.

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The Notion Expert Network brings together the foremost B2B SaaS experts in Europe, delivering education and mentorship to our portfolio across a diverse range of specific domains (including Sales, Product, Marketing, International Scaling).

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Creating a power curve

We bring together the very best industry experts, super relevant strategic partners and our unique perspective on B2B SaaS to create a multiplying effect for our portfolio.

Constant acceleration

We accelerate our portfolio with a post-investment 100 day plan with dedicated operational resource. We fast track introductions to partners, experts and our portfolio and provide an ongoing programme of value-add engagement.

B2B SaaS playbook

We bottle our understanding of SaaS and deliver this through content, workshops and timely interventions.

Market access

Our team, partners, experts and portfolio have access to some of the largest companies in the world. Through timely introductions these connections can transform your business.