Startup Advice Series

No. 2 – Introducing Crossing the Atlantic

Any European enterprise tech company, with the ambition to be a category leader, must conquer the US. Download your copy of “Crossing the Atlantic” here.

We are delighted to share the second edition of Notion Insights, … Read More

Why Product Engagement is the most powerful salesperson in SaaS

“In a freemium world, there’s far less sales involvement. The product does the majority of the selling.” – Jess Iandiorio (Drift)

It was some time ago that SaaS companies discovered that, by aligning engineering, marketing and … Read More

The UK Startup’s Guide to US Trademarks

UK startups and scale-ups considering US expansion often ask us about using and protecting their brand in the States.

Certain questions arise consistently, so for easy reference we’ve prepared the FAQ below. Of course, check with … Read More

The UK Startup’s Guide to US Employment

US employment is a business topic that is truly foreign to many UK entrepreneurs.

Employment matters in the States are best addressed by proactively seeking to avoid problems, and a careful and competent setup can mitigate … Read More

New European Data Protection Laws. What are they and how do I prepare?

With less than 12 months to go until the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect (from 25 May 2018) we caught up with Chris Coughlan from Ashfords who shared an outline of some of the key changes and … Read More

Why we actively embrace unconventional entrepreneurial characteristics

As investors we talk a lot about the importance of people in our decisions; yet how much do we understand about the largely intuitive decisions we make about the people and teams we invest in?

In some areas … Read More

“Do I need a Chairperson?” High-performing boards in early-stage startups

Notion invests exclusively in early-stage enterprise software companies, with the ambition to build global category leaders. We have 35 companies in our portfolio; while each is unique, they also have much in common.

In particular, they … Read More

Why every startup needs a purpose

The strongest business ideas are rooted in a purpose that promises to change society, a category or take on an apathetic market leader, says Paul Cash, CEO of Rooster Punk…

Entrepreneurs, more than anyone else, share a common desire to … Read More

What every product developer needs to know about new product adoption

It’s common to assume that the decision to use a new product (or otherwise) is a rational one.

In the minds of most, the sequence goes like this:

Marketing Automation: What are the benefits?

Let’s begin at the beginning – what is marketing automation?

In simple terms, marketing automation refers to the process of using software to automate marketing practices. Be they email marketing, social media marketing, or those more complex multi-channel campaigns, … Read More

Category creation as strategy in tech

This blog is inspired by the discussions I have every week with our founders but brought to life by the team at Play Bigger. All the clarity and insights are all them.

History shows us that … Read More

When should a UK startup establish a US company?

One of the most common questions we field from UK startups and scale-ups building a US business is when to establish a separate US company.

Below are various indicators that it’s time to strongly consider setting … Read More