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Developing a solid inbound marketing strategy

It’s not always good form to begin an explanation of what something is by describing what it isn’t. However, in the case of inbound marketing, the first thing that must be understood is the fact that inbound marketing … Read More

Why Chrys Chrysanthou invested in

In this episode, Chrys Chrysanthou, Principal at Notion Capital, on why he invested in SmartUp. We discuss employee knowledge creation and sharing for a fast changing and demanding global workforce.

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Employee knowledge creation and sharing for a fast-changing and demanding global workforce

At Notion we invest in the entrepreneurs and companies disrupting and modernising massive markets and complex business problems. One market that has seen little innovation to-date is the learning and development space, not just in it’s traditional (dare … Read More

15 Lessons on People, Purpose and Product from SaaStr 2017

I’ve been reflecting on my three days at SaaStr. Overwhelming, overcrowded and over the top maybe. But also compelling, fascinating and thought provoking – and three things have been bouncing around in my head that distill what I … Read More

The Journey and The Struggle: an introduction to Productisation

Productisation is generating a lot of interest right now.

For those unfamiliar with the term, it describes an approach to product development that is customer-centric and value-based, rather than one that is functional or grounded in technology.

Value matters in … Read More

16 Feb '17

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SaaS – the third generation

I believe in 2017 we will start to see the clear emergence of the third generation of SaaS companies.

The first (c 2000-2010) generation was defined by deploying software in the cloud and making it accessible … Read More

The two metrics every SaaS founder should know

“There are two key SaaS measures that every founder should know: growth efficiency and revenue efficiency, these are the most critical factors that influence valuation.” – Peter Weed, Mckinsey, speaking to Notion Capital’s family of SaaS founders.

The fundamentals of building high performing sales teams

In this episode, Tom Castley, sales leader and SaaS expert, on building high performing sales team. We discuss about hiring for potential and coach-ability, the reality of on-boarding and quota, and the sustainability of quota setting and incentives.

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Taking a progressive approach to the tech skills shortage

It’s widely accepted that a technical skills shortage grips London. Given our thriving tech sector is driven by emerging technology, it’s not surprising there’s a shortage of skills in key in-demand areas. The moment a sector stands still … Read More

VC Terminology Glossary: 49 Terms to Learn before Raising Capital

As part of any investment discussion, you’ll hear people use a number of technical and legal terms. The jargon can be complicated and opaque to those unfamiliar with it. It’s not immediately obvious after all what a liquidation … Read More

The Future of Value Add Investing

In this episode, Stephen Millard, Chief Platform Officer at Notion Capital, discusses the future of value add investing.

Stephen Millard joined in January 2016 to lead Notion’s platform strategy.

Stephen joined from Eccomplished, a retail tech advisory and strategic partner … Read More

Accelerating the regulatory approval of autonomous vehicles

Presentation by Alex Flamant at Transpolitica 2016.

There are currently 3500 auto related deaths a day globally. Smart, connected, autonomous vehicles could significantly reduce that number. That’s a compelling reason to accelerate the regulatory approval of autonomous vehicles.

The session … Read More