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Notion Capital are Hiring!

As we approach the end of the first half of 2014 and summer starts to show itself in London we’ve invested in another 6 companies. That takes our total portfolio now to 25 companies. 25 companies who are all B2B … Read More

If you need a PR agency and How to select one

It can be hard for early stage start-ups to decide when is the right time to spend money on PR. And then with the limited resources they have, should they spend that budget on a PR agency? An … Read More

A great start to the year; c.$200m in funding and follow-ons

2014 has started well with Notion companies raising over $150m in follow-on funding and new funding roundsRead More

What the hell is a brand and why is it important?

I think it’s important for a start-up to be thinking about their brand from the outset…Read More

Mojn – this time it’s personal

We all like the personal touch. We like to go into our favourite shop or restaurant and be recognised, welcomed and treated like an individual.Read More

Trustev – Using big data to really know your customer

More and more business is being done online. That much is obvious…Read More

Move on Up with MOVE Guides

Today I’m excited to be announcing our investment in MOVE Guides…Read More

Inside the Entrepreneur with Rockabox founder James Booth

An interview with James Booth on entrepreneurial advice, fundraising and motorcycle racing…Read More

Rockabox and the future of video advertising

Notion led a £3m Series A investment round in Rockabox that we announced this week. You can read the press release here.Read More