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15 Lessons on People, Purpose and Product from SaaStr 2017

I’ve been reflecting on my three days at SaaStr. Overwhelming, overcrowded and over the top maybe. But also compelling, fascinating and thought provoking – and three things have been bouncing around in my head that distill what I … Read More

09 Dec '14

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Take us back to the Belle Epoque: Notion’s Winter Mixer

Tophats and feathers, our winter mixer in November was a great success.

Thank you very much to our partners, portfolio and friends who joined us and added to the elaborate Belle Epoque atmosphere, the evening would not have been the … Read More

Nordic Startup Roadtrip; well Scandinavia + Estonia and no roads involved

The very word Nordic brings to mind Vikings, blonde-haired/blue-eyed Scandinavians, immaculate design and architecture, Ikea, dark, cold and endless winters. In the startup and technology ecosystem though one might think of Spotify, Skype, Rovio and firms like Nokia and Ericsson … Read More

What I found at F.ounders

I attended the F.ounders event last week and felt inspired to write about it..Read More