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Notion closes $140m third venture fund, launches $80m opportunities fund and announces two new partners

Today we are announcing some very exciting news for Notion…

A final close of Notion Capital III LP, our third early-stage venture fund, at $140m (£107m) – together with a first close of a new $80m … Read More

The age of the lovable product in enterprise

‘Lovable’ was about the last word you would ever expect to use when describing enterprise software.

The industry used to be dominated by large muscular corporations. They had complete control of both their brands and their distribution. They had massive … Read More

16 Feb '17

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SaaS – the third generation

I believe in 2017 we will start to see the clear emergence of the third generation of SaaS companies.

The first (c 2000-2010) generation was defined by deploying software in the cloud and making it accessible … Read More

Accelerating the regulatory approval of autonomous vehicles

Presentation by Alex Flamant at Transpolitica 2016.

There are currently 3500 auto related deaths a day globally. Smart, connected, autonomous vehicles could significantly reduce that number. That’s a compelling reason to accelerate the regulatory approval of autonomous vehicles.

The session … Read More

2016 was a transformational year for this VC, but it’s not what you think

I was reminded of one of my late 80’s, in recession, mantras from Winston Churchill this year – “never give up”. In Q2 a number of my investments got blown off course and I needed to contend with … Read More

How to Build a Sales & Marketing Function for a Digital World

Last week Notion House hosted Digital Sales and Marketing expert Grant Leboff, who joined a group of marketing leaders from across our portfolio to discuss digital selling.

As sales and Marketing functions continue to converge, digital … Read More

Building a Venture Platform for Success

There’s something truly unique about being part of a fast growing startup from the early days. The journey from problem discovery and product development through to mastering product market fit, growth and scaling – and the ups, downs … Read More

3 Factors Critical to Vertical Machine Learning Companies

Over the past year, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming a number of leading Machine Learning (ML) focused companies to the Notion family. These are startups that are tackling verticals ranging from autonomous vehicles … Read More

It’s about the high performance data capture  — McLaren meets Apple??

At Notion we have been keeping an eye on the automotive industry for a while now as we believe it’s a market that, as it transitions from selling cars to offering mobility as a … Read More

You’re moving back to Europe? Seriously?

This is the response I had from so many people when I explained I was moving back to London after living in New York for so long. But I believe that London, the U.K. and Europe will come … Read More

Building Europe’s definitive network of B2B SaaS experts and advisers

When you talk to entrepreneurs about their success, they will invariably talk about who helped them, rather than what they did. Who not what, someone not something.

  • The person who helped them launch their product or … Read More

Working with Europe’s next category-leading SaaS companies

In the short time that I’ve been a Notion Expert I’ve worked with six of their portfolio companies. The main focus has been on helping each of them to define their Ideal Customer Profile, a process for isolating … Read More