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No. 2 – Introducing Crossing the Atlantic

Any European enterprise tech company, with the ambition to be a category leader, must conquer the US. Download your copy of “Crossing the Atlantic” here.

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I like pain. I love Localz.

We have been following Localz for two years and I find building the relationship early can be critical. It’s been great to see their progress from a strategy and execution perspective during that time but in Q1 I … Read More

Why Talent Matters

Notion has always prioritised relationships with founders and their teams, but now we’re making structured moves towards supporting them in recruiting exceptional people to help them with their entrepreneurial journeys.

By virtue of focussing on … Read More

Lessons in Exiteering: The Element 14 story

The story of Element 14 and subsequently Icera and Neul are object lessons in how to create value through ruthless focus which, in the case of Element 14, delivered a spectacular 32 X return on investment.

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Why Product Engagement is the most powerful salesperson in SaaS

“In a freemium world, there’s far less sales involvement. The product does the majority of the selling.” – Jess Iandiorio (Drift)

It was some time ago that SaaS companies discovered that, by aligning engineering, marketing and … Read More

Lessons in Exiteering: The Astonishing Tribe story

When Hampus Jakobsson founded The Astonishing Tribe in 2002 in Malmö, southern Sweden, with five friends, it was not so much as a viable business but as a group of young people wanting — in his words — … Read More

Lessons in Exiteering: The BusinessObjects story

BusinessObjects was a French start-up founded in 1990. At its core was a vision to enable universal access to information within the enterprise. Today it is part of German information technology giant SAP, a market leader in enterprise … Read More

Lessons learned from conversations with 20+ European tech successes

On the quest to learn more about how great tech companies, achieve extraordinary exits Notion interviewed more than 20 European enterprise technology founders who have achieved significant liquidity events. Their businesses span marketing, security, and mobile, including Business … Read More

No. 1 – Introducing The Art of Exiteering

Notion Capital is an early stage venture investor in enterprise software and B2B SaaS entrepreneurs. Our portfolio of more than 40 companies is the largest single cohort of enterprise software companies in Europe and … Read More

Customer Success in the Age of the Customer

In this episode, Dan Steinman, General Manager EMEA at Gainsight and Author of Customer Success, discussing what makes Customer Success today.

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Screening Candidates: 4 Methods of Technical Testing

Technical testing has a role to play in any screening process for technology staff. Hiring someone under-qualified will be as damaging to that person’s career and confidence as it will be for the business appointing, so for most … Read More

The UK Startup’s Guide to US Trademarks

UK startups and scale-ups considering US expansion often ask us about using and protecting their brand in the States.

Certain questions arise consistently, so for easy reference we’ve prepared the FAQ below. Of course, check with … Read More