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The Journey and The Struggle: an introduction to Productisation

Productisation is generating a lot of interest right now.

For those unfamiliar with the term, it describes an approach to product development that is customer-centric and value-based, rather than one that is functional or grounded in technology.

Value matters in … Read More

The two metrics every SaaS founder should know

“There are two key SaaS measures that every founder should know: growth efficiency and revenue efficiency, these are the most critical factors that influence valuation.” – Peter Weed, Mckinsey, speaking to Notion Capital’s family of SaaS founders.

Taking a progressive approach to the tech skills shortage

It’s widely accepted that a technical skills shortage grips London. Given our thriving tech sector is driven by emerging technology, it’s not surprising there’s a shortage of skills in key in-demand areas. The moment a sector stands still … Read More

VC Terminology Glossary: 49 Terms to Learn before Raising Capital

As part of any investment discussion, you’ll hear people use a number of technical and legal terms. The jargon can be complicated and opaque to those unfamiliar with it. It’s not immediately obvious after all what a liquidation … Read More

5 Steps to Create a Growth Culture in your Tech Startup

While many technology start ups embody the characteristics of lean or ‘black box thinking’ in their R&D strategies, how many are creating growth cultures that learn from success and mistakes in equal measure, seeking constant improvements and marginal … Read More

How to Build a Sales & Marketing Function for a Digital World

Last week Notion House hosted Digital Sales and Marketing expert Grant Leboff, who joined a group of marketing leaders from across our portfolio to discuss digital selling.

As sales and Marketing functions continue to converge, digital … Read More

Raising US Venture Capital as a Non-US Startup – Part 2

Our last article set out our first five tips for how non-US emerging companies can attract potential US investors. For the next five, read on…

6.  Know Your Financing Needs

Many founders fail to thoroughly assess how much … Read More

Raising US Venture Capital as a Non-US Startup – Part 1

We focused in a recent article on key terms and concepts of which to be aware when negotiating US term sheets. Frequently, however, we’re asked for general advice on how non-US emerging companies initially can attract potential US … Read More

The 5 Pillars of Customer Success

More than anything Customer Success is a philosophy. Of course, there is an organisational element to it; real disciplines, applications, platforms, career paths. But more than anything else Customer Success is a mindset that focuses on ensuring customers … Read More

The humble use case

Use case = How a user interacts with a product to achieve a specific goal

Being a tech investor, I … Read More

20 Oct '16

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Are you sure you have Product Market Fit?

Product market fit (or PMF) is one of those terms in the tech world that is constantly talked about and written about. Sometimes when a term becomes so universal it loses its impact. We stop thinking about exactly … Read More

5 Tips for Negotiating Term Sheets with US VC Investors

We’re often asked what to watch for when reviewing or negotiating US term sheets. Below are five key concepts non-US founders – and founders generally – should understand.  

Note that this discussion assumes investment into … Read More