Thoughts and Insights from the team, our strategic partners and experts

Cash Management

Whether you’ve just raised your seed round or are a more established start-up, it’s vital to effectively manage your cash and to make sure you have sufficient fuel in the tank. What you don’t want to do is make decisions … Read More

Our New Fund

I’m thrilled to be announcing the $100m first close of our new fund this week. Read More

Entrepreneurs are safer than banks

It’s difficult to know where to invest your money right now. Most asset classes are moving in the wrong direction as the world teeters on the edge of a double dip recession…Read More

Look up not down!

My belief is that investors and entrepreneurs should spend more of their time looking up than down.Read More

Are Groupon’s best days already behind it?

Early reports suggest that Groupon will be valued at around $12bn when its shares go on the public market today.Read More

What I found at F.ounders

I attended the F.ounders event last week and felt inspired to write about it..Read More

A camel is a horse designed by committee

I heard this phrase again recently and it has really stayed with me.

Apparently the quote is attributed to Sir Alec Issigonis, a British car designer who worked at the Morris Minor Company from the age … Read More

Top 25 best-funded European “Commerce Disrupters”

Our top 25 commerce disrupters list includes companies from seven countries raising over $1.8bn in total. However $1.6bn of this, and our top 4 raises, are dominated by companies from just 3 countries; Germany $702m, the UK with $487m … Read More

Anticipating a VC fundraising?

Preparing for and going through a venture capital fundraising for the first time can be tough. VCs will give your business a thorough assessment before they invest and you may end up finding that you’re less prepared for the process … Read More

Getting started with PR

As we start working with our portfolio companies and talk to start-ups across Europe we get lots of questions about PR.Read More