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Inside the Entrepreneur with Rockabox founder James Booth

An interview with James Booth on entrepreneurial advice, fundraising and motorcycle racing…Read More

Rockabox and the future of video advertising

Notion led a £3m Series A investment round in Rockabox that we announced this week. You can read the press release here.Read More

Idio – content analytics and recommendation engine

Last week Notion completed a $2m investment in idio and it’s one I’m very excited about.Read More

Nordic Startup Roadtrip; well Scandinavia + Estonia and no roads involved

The very word Nordic brings to mind Vikings, blonde-haired/blue-eyed Scandinavians, immaculate design and architecture, Ikea, dark, cold and endless winters. In the startup and technology ecosystem though one might think of Spotify, Skype, Rovio and firms like Nokia and Ericsson … Read More


I think it’s very important to have a few core metrics that permeate your business and provide everyone with a clear sense of both the priorities and also the progress you are making.

As a team, we are thinking about … Read More

Secret street party for the partners

Every three months the Notion Capital Partners hold a strategy meeting and this month they took the opportunity to throw a Secret Street Party to celebrate the opening of our new Notting Hill Office, Notion House. The “Secret” element was … Read More

Notion’s Top Ten indicators of a winning business

Ten things we really like to see in a business that suggests that it is here to stay and has the potential to really shake up its market are as follows…Read More as a distribution platform

People keep asking me about (SFDC) as a distribution platform and I thought I should pen a note on it.Read More

Prising open London’s IPO market

Last week we received the welcome news that the London Stock Exchange is launching a new market for fast-growing companies called, rather drily, the ‘High Growth Segment.’Read More

Wayne Gibbins joins the Notion team

We’re excited to be announcing that Wayne Gibbins has joined the Notion team as an Associate.Read More

Why we like B2B

There has been so much talk in recent weeks about B2C v B2B. The general thrust of the writing is twofold.

First, that there has been too much attention and investment going into the consumer internet market and that it’s … Read More

Shutl – real innovation in delivery, at last

Notion has just completed an investment in Shutl – you can read the full press release here. I wanted to write about why we made this investment and why we think the business has a very bright future.

In a … Read More