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Marketing Automation: What are the benefits?

Let’s begin at the beginning – what is marketing automation?

In simple terms, marketing automation refers to the process of using software to automate marketing practices. Be they email marketing, social media marketing, or those more complex multi-channel campaigns, … Read More

Category creation as strategy in tech

This blog is inspired by the discussions I have every week with our founders but brought to life by the team at Play Bigger. All the clarity and insights are all them.

History shows us that … Read More

Design employee experience as thoughtfully as you design customer experience

In this episode, Jeff Wellstead, Partner at Digital Works Group, on designing your employee experience as thoughtfully as you design your customer experience.

Talent & Innovation Accelerator and Future of Work Consultant for small businesses in the emerging, fast … Read More

When should a UK startup establish a US company?

One of the most common questions we field from UK startups and scale-ups building a US business is when to establish a separate US company.

Below are various indicators that it’s time to strongly consider setting … Read More

Leveraging your employer brand to attract the right hires

Whether they’ve actively thought about it or not, every single organisation has a employer brand. Although far wider definitions are possible, we can essentially sum employer brand up as how a business is perceived by those individuals who … Read More

Triptease, the rocket driving the Direct Booking Movement: from Hypothesis to £1bn Hotel Bookings

We just announced our latest investment in Triptease which is a $9 million Series B round. This blog has been a long time coming as like a paranoid and jealous lover, I’ve mostly kept Triptease to myself.

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Evolution of VC in the era of Machine Learning

In this episode, Chrys Chrysanthou, Principal at Notion, on the future of venture capital in the era of machine learning.

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Brexit, the Budget and what UK tech companies think about innovation

Brexit is on the tip of everyone’s tongue right now. “What will it mean for me?” “…For my company?”, “How will the economy do?”, “What actions will the government take?” Indeed, 73% of companies think that Brexit makes … Read More

The world wants to be healthier and more mobile

I’m thrilled to announce Notion’s investment in Glofox.

Glofox are a Dublin based start-up building a platform to enable gym and studio owners to manage their business more effectively. The product covers member management, class scheduling, … Read More

Your marketing needs a better editor, not more content

In this episode, Max Tatton-Brown, Founder and Managing Director at Augur, on why the best PR strategies are unsexy, private and very very valuable.

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5 Habits of Running Highly Effective Board Meetings

The founder of a company we have recently invested in was asking me for some advice about running board meetings. I think it’s an important subject.

There is definitely far too much time wasted at board … Read More

Growing your SaaS Business: The $100 Million Dollar Mission

This is a summary of my presentation at SaaStock on Tour, London, 15th March, 2017.

The goal for Notion is simple – to be recognised as the definitive European enterprise software investor; attracting the very best enterprise … Read More