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  • We invest in B2B Cloud & SaaS companies in Europe at Seed & Series A stage.

    We invest in exceptional teams. We invest in teams solving big business problems.

    We invest in companies who are headquartered in Europe or with significant operations in Europe.

    We invest in fast growth companies, that means sustained >100% Year-over-Year growth. We invest in companies with global ambition.

    We invest only in B2B and always a Cloud/SaaS delivery model. We break our own rules occasionally so an exceptional B2B2C business model might make the cut. But most of all we invest in people, which means you, the founders and the people you have around you, your team, your advisors, partners and investors.

    See our “Ten Things” post for what we like to see in a business.

  • For Notion Capital it’s all about B2B Cloud & SaaS. Our investment thesis is based on the belief that the software industry is turning into the software-as-a-service industry and this presents tremendous opportunities for disruption. We also believe that the ‘as a service’ piece makes these companies very different from traditional software vendors requiring different knowledge and skills.

    So we’re talking about a large and fast growing market. How do we slice it up? Well as long as it’s B2B Cloud / SaaS we’re interested.  The classic characteristics are high margin, recurring revenues, fixed pricing and high customer retention.  But we do have some specific areas of focus:

    • Enterprise Software (e.g. Sales & marketing, HR, Finance, R&D, Ops)
    • Big Data & Business intelligence (helping businesses unlock value from the ever increasing volumes of data)
    • Security (the partners founded MessageLabs and sold it to Symantec for c.$700m)
    • Communication & Collaboration (think social business, the future of email, digital telephony, secure screen-sharing)

    And in the following vertical areas where our London & New York presence offers up a strategic advantage:

    • FinTech – we’ve invested in Selfnet, Tradeshift, the Currency Cloud
    • eCommerce Enablement – we’ve invested in Brightpearl, eSellerPro, Shopa and exited Shutl to eBay
    • AdTech – we’ve invested in Rockabox (video), Mojn (email) & Adbrain (multi-screen)
  • At Notion Capital, we only invest in B2B Cloud & SaaS companies. Our team is comprised of entrepreneurs and operators with extensive experience in this field. And this is where we add value.

    Whether it’s for overall strategy, business development, go-to-market including international growth, strategic & operational marketing or talent acquisition and organisational design, our team are there when you need them.

    That’s not to say we’ll be on the field trying to run your company. In fact we invest only in talented teams who we believe have the core skills and experience to grow great companies. But we’ll be there like a coach on the sidelines when you ask us, and after a Series A investment we’ll take a board seat and be in regular contact with the founders.

  • We’re headquartered in West London, UK in our collaborative workspace, Notion House. Whilst we work all over Europe this is where we come together as a team, meet other companies, run workshops and hackathons and generally engage in the tech ecosystem.

    We’re also present in New York City, where our partner Jos White is based and our local office serves as a bridge between Europe and North America for our companies, both commercially and in terms of US fundraising.



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